Q: who?
A:olonade is a True Homie
   real recognize real
   and so olonade brings
   Truth to your Home

Q: what?
A: Warm, woven, 100% cotton throw blankets or tapestries depending on how you like to savor your flavor. Ideal for serving as a magic carpet on which you sail through your nightly dreams, or enjoy the warmth of the Sun, rising or setting, or wherever your favorite setting is.

Q: when?
A: Standard shipping is free and because of the nature of the digital weave process takes 2-3 weeks. If you'd like rush shipping then it is available but it is costly. Your order will ship through UPS and a tracking number will be sent to the email you provide.

Q: where?
A: The designs are crafted in the penthouse suite of Uptown Tropics International Airport. Usually the last flights are arriving and departing during the peak creativity hours. The throw/tapestry is made to order and digitally woven in North Carolina.

Q: why?
A: I first found inspiration in my plants. I have many, as you can see in the third picture for m o n s t e r a. Last summer was stressful for me but I had noticed around my birthday, by the end of the summer that my plants had grown substantially. I had done so in the same way.
     I became fascinated with the Monstera deliciosa as many of my contemporaries are, as people have been for so long, all of my plants are my favorite but the monstera holds a certain spot in my heart, somewhere within those four chambers.
    Through my initial explorations in video art I have gained a lot of experience with color, design, and symmetry. The Supreme Creatress and Creator are quite fond of those three concepts and many others. The design of m o n s t e r a is a tribute to their immaterial Spirit present in every material object on this Earth. People in the West do not like to accept this truth, but will do so in certain respects like their car or their computers, "just bang on it and it'll work," or all of us with the N64 cartridges, blowing away the "dust" aka injecting a breath of life into the game.
  The throw/tapestry is a humble reflection of this Truth.

Q: How interesting. What can we expect from you in the future olonade?
A: humility and greatness!!!

Q: I am beginning to understand you olonade.
A: Meda ase, gracias, thank you.